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NEW 7 Year Warranty NOW INCLUDED on Select JBL Portable PA Products

 We are delighted to announce the immediate warranty extension of select JBL Professional Portable PA Loudspeakers.

The leader in professional sound for more than 75 years is now backing several products with an unprecedented 7-year warranty effective from the original receipt date of purchase.

This industry-leading warranty is a product of JBL’s continuous dedication to quality components and testing that includes a standard 100-hour acoustic stress test, a battery of ageing and drop tests and a wide range of stringent, global electronic testing and certification procedures.


EON ONE Compact
EON700 Series

Note: The extended warranty program applies to all product components, except batteries, which continue to include a robust, three-year warranty.



How will the warranty for these products be changing?

Effective immediately the warranties will change as follows:

a. Transducers: changes from 5 years to 7 years

b. Electronics: changes from 3 years to 7 years

c. Batteries: remain 3 years

d. Other components and mechanicals: 3 years to 7 years

How is the warranty start date determined?

The start of the warranty will be either the date of purchase with a receipt by the end-user or the manufacture date if that is not available.

What if the product was purchased prior to this announcement?

The warranty will start based on the end-user purchase date with receipt, or the manufacture date regardless of when the program was announced.

Are batteries covered by the 7-year warranty?

Batteries will continue to have a 3-year warranty.

What about all other JBL Professional Products?

All other products remain with up to a 5-years warranty with registration.


Where do End Users Register for JBL Professional Warranty?