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The Crane Stand Elite is a light-weight, durable and portable solution that provides a perfect sit-to-stand ergonomic workstation for laptop users. This is our premium stand for professionals, students and anyone who wants to protect against the health impacts of laptop use.

Reduce Forward Head Posture by lifting the viewing angle of your laptop display. Your Elite can provide from 1.5″ to 14″ of elevation above a work surface.

Use your Elite to create a laptop standing desk on standard desks and work stations. Taking short standing breaks with seated positions that allow you to view your display with reduced forward head position greatly improve health and productivity.

There is no need to sacrifice ergonomics for mobility. The flexibility that comes with using a Crane Stand allows you to quickly pack up and take your stand from place to place.

The innovative design of the locking mechanism is designed for maximum holding power with minimal strength, so it is ideal for people with limited hand and wrist strength.

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