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DJ Power DF-V9C 720w Smoke Machine


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The DJ Power DF-V9C is a compact, high output smoke machine that best fits house parties, mobile DJs, weddings or corporate events. It’s new advanced protection against no fluid operation makes it long-lasting and durable while it’s new heating system technology prevents the heater from blockages. A versatile and affordable unit to suit any needs!


  • Advanced no-fluid protection for safety use
  • Heating system applied MIRROR patented technology (MIRROR Pipe) to prevent the heater from blockage
  • Microcomputer electronic temperature control supports constant temperature. After first heat-up, machine is ready to fog at any time
  • Wired control and wireless control
  • Please use DJPOWER professional fog fluid DJV-001 or D-01.


  • Max Output Volume: Appr. 6,400 cfm
  • Max Output Distance : Appr. 3 m
  • Fluid Consumption @ full volume : Appr. 32.3 mL/min
  • Fully-loaded Cumulative Output Duration @ full volume: Appr. 40 min
  • Fluid Tank Capacity : 1.28L
  • Heat Up Time: Appr. 4.5 min
  • Heater Type: Aluminum Heater Block
  • Input Voltage & Rate: 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Current Limiter Type: Fuse (F)
  • Current Limiter Specifications: 5 A, 250 V
  • Total Power Consumption: 720 W
  • Operating Current: 3.1 A
  • Power Input Connector: Hard-wired

Additional Information

Additional information

Weight4.00 kg
Dimensions300.00 × 240.00 × 230.00 mm

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