Light Emotion HALFBALL Rotating LED DMX half ball – 5 x 3W RGBWA LED


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Light Emotion HALFBALL 5 Colour LED Rotating Centrepiece
Light Emotion HALFBALL Rotating LED DMX half ball – 5 x 3W RGBWA LED
The HALFBALL is a compact centrepiece fixture that projects sharp multi coloured beams through numerous clear lenses on a hemispherical dome using 5 x 3W RGBWA LEDs. Under DMX control, the LEDs are individually controllable and the rotation speed and direction can be varied so the light show can be customised to the users’ desire.

Without a controller, the HALFBALL offers sound activation mode, master/slave mode so multiple units can work together to create an awesome light show and a stand alone auto mode with inbuilt programs including strobing.

Simulating the effect of a mirror ball, the HALFBALL can be operated in an upright or upside down position delivering sharp multi colour beams to all corners of any room or venue it is placed in. Perfect for an instant party anywhere!

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* LEDs: 5 x 3W 5-in-1 RGBWA
* Lenses: 55
* Beam Angle: 1 degree
* Control: DMX, Sound Active, Master/Slave, Stand Alone
* DMX Channels: 5
* Functions: Continuous rotation, strobing, variable rotation, individual LED colour control
* Connections: 3 pin XLR for DMX
* Dimensions: 272x272x254mm
* Weight: 2.9kg
Shipping Volume: .013cbm
Shipping Weight: 4kg