Light Emotion PARBAR3TRI LED Par Bar 28x3W Tri RGB LEDs w/stand, foot controller


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Light Emotion PARBAR3TRI Pro All-in-one Light Show
Light Emotion PARBAR3TRI LED Par Bar 28x3W 3-in-1 RGB LEDs w/ stand, foot controller, bag.
The new PARBAR from Light Emotion comes with more powerful and improved Tri Colour LEDs, which provide increased brightness and smoother colour mixing. The technology of 3-in-1 LEDs eliminates the colour shadow or halo effect generated by many RGB fixtures. This package offers four LED heads, each containing 7 x 3Watt LEDs with substantial output levels. This combination gives the user full DMX control and a convenient foot pedal for ease of use even during a performance. For stage work and touring the whole package packs down into a compact carry case. As with all LED lighting there’s the economic and environmental benefits of reduced power draw, no duty cycle, low heat and the extremely long life of the LED lamp. Perfect for touring musos, party DJs and anyone that requires a simple and affordable stage lighting system.

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