AKG WMS470 Wireless Vocal Set - D5 Handheld Mic


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Professional Wireless Microphone System
Flexible and expandable – WMS470 is a professional multichannel wireless microphone system with pilot tone transmission to prevent unwanted noise. The Vocal Set D5 includes a HT470 handheld transmitter featuring a dynamic D5 capsule for well-balanced, powerful sound. The space diversity receiver offers both a microphone level and a line level output.

The WMS470 professional analog wireless microphone system is the best choice for a cost-efficient, high-performance multichannel system. Up to 16 channels can be used simultaneously within the same frequency band. The pilot tone prevents the user from unexpected startup noise and it continuously sends transmitter data including low battery information to the receiver. A revolutionary power management allow up to 14 hours of operation with one AA-size lithium battery. If a NiMH rechargeable battery is used, it can be charged while remaining within the transmitter using the optional CU400.


  • COMPATIBLE WITH WMS4000 ACCESSORIES – for multichannel systems in critical environments
  • 14 HOURS OPERATION WITH ONE SINGLE BATTERYlowest operating costs using AA-size lithium dry battery
  • PILOT TONE TRANSMISSIONfor transmitter battery status monitoring and tone code squelch
  • UP TO 48 SIMULTANEOUS CHANNELSwhen combining several frequency bands
  • ENHANCED AUTOMATIC SETUP WITH CHANNEL PREVIEWfor quick and easy system setup

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