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DJ Power S-5 Snow Machine


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The DJ power S-5 is a professional artificial snow machine. It can create both a silent romantic snow or astonishing blizzard effect while keeping its working noise level very low, making it great for environments where quiet operation is required. 1-100% precisely adjustable output volume and fan speed to achieve the perfect visual setting. This newly-upgraded machine with advanced pump and improved PCB has extremely low failure rate. Use the provided mounting bracket and hang from truss. Mounting from higher elevations allows for the true falling and drifting of the perfect falling snow visual.


  • Super quiet, only 62db from 10-meter distance
  • Adjustable snow size, output volume and distance
  • Advanced pump and improved PCB reduce
  • Improved circuit design prevents fluid clogging issue, more reliable
  • Hung or placed on the ground
  • Built-in LCD control, wireless control, DMX control
  • Please use DJPOWER professional snow fluid PRO-X


  • Adjustable Volume: Yes
  • Volume Adjustment Level/Range: 1-100%
  • Max Output Height: Appr. 5 m
  • Max Output Distance : Appr. 7 m
  • Snow Coverage (Place on ground with 45 ° upward): Appr. 15 ㎡
  • Snow Coverage (Hang at 5m height with 45 ° upward): Appr. 30 ㎡
  • Fluid Consumption @ full volume : Appr. 60.0 mL/min
  • Continuous Output : Yes
  • Fully-loaded Cumulative Output Duration @ full volume: Appr. 83 min
  • Fluid Tank Capacity : 4.92L
  • Input Voltage & Rate: 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Current Limiter Type: Breaker
  • Current Limiter Specifications: 5 A, 250 V
  • Total Power Consumption: 300 W
  • Operating Current: 1.3 A
  • Power Input Connector: Lockable PowerCon

Additional Information

Additional information

Weight5.37 kg
Dimensions548.00 × 388.00 × 139.00 mm

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